Top 3 Most Popular Plugins for your PC

For those that are searching for the best components for their personal computer, it can be an extremely difficult process if you don’t have the proper information in tow before going out into the market to purchase one. The best plugins are typically ranked all the time, and, depending on whom you trust, that rating can change significantly depending on the publication or site. That means that you could go to one site and then to another and have completely different lists.


That is why this list has been compiled here as our knowledge is unparalleled in the industry for rating and ranking the latest parts for the PC market. There are so many types of plugins out there today and you have to really be able to narrow down the field in order to get the right one for your particular needs. Some people are not even sure exactly of what a plugin actually is.


A plugin is meant to complement the computer programs you already have as a software component. If your program is able to support a plugin, your computer will then be customized and able to function more efficiently. Once you have read this article in full, you will be able to whittle down the contenders and identify the best ones available on the market for your PC.

Chrome Application


As one of the most popular apps on the market today, the Chrome application comes with an extension that is referred to as the Data Saver. Although data compression is not something that is entirely new for browsing efficiently since it is built into Opera browsers, for example, those that use Chrome will enjoy the bandwidth savings that come with the extension through the Google Data Saver. What most love about this add-on is that it is free of charge and utilizes the servers from Google, compressing website data before you send the display. The data compression leads to bigger data savings. With such features, it is no wonder it remains a popular plugin for the general market. This can make more sense if you read more about the good blog sites for beginners




What’s another extension from Google Chrome? Blue works many capacities as an email anonymizer, password manager, and also a masker for credit cards all conveniently bundled together. Since it is all packaged together, it is convenient as part of the extension plan from Chrome Google as it gives users the ability to create and then store passwords that are stronger and harder to crack. Through this service, users have the ability to synchronize every password across the desktop as well as iOS devices.


There is tracker blocking through Blue for an assortment of web trackers. Those that have premium service can, in addition, have credit cards anonymized to mask those online purchases they make. What many users love about Firefox and the reason for its mass appeal, is the add-on system that comes with it that allows you the option to install those plugins that allow the browser to function smoothly. Through the task automation, you have even more control with website displays as well as new search avenues to gather information. This extension makes Firefox even more easy to use and much faster.




With this add-on, turn a tab page into the productivity center. The great thing about this add-on is that you have the option to link all of the social media sites you love, plus web-apps, as well as additional online services. Through StartHQ, add more services and links, plus those deep links that you can access quickly and even those other related locations like web-mail inboxes and social media profiles.


Before you make any purchases, be sure to do some research before you invest any money. Ask someone that has more knowledge on extensions or is a real computer person to know what works best for you. Plus, you will be able to fully trust that what you purchase or add to your PC will be the best option. There should be enough reviews and ratings from previous users to give you an idea of what to expect. Take these tips into consideration and be assured that you are getting the best plugins to truly ramp up the effectiveness of your PC.